Pablo's gs500 page
R1 taillight install on 89-00 gs500
Clear Taillight Lens for 01-03 Models
My Local Canyons
What's it worth?
Progressive fork spring install-the lazy way
Rear shock swap information
More rear shock info-SV650 install
Suspension tuning 101
Installing Suburban-Machinery SV650 handlebars
Install an SV650 headlight
Converting standard 1/4 throttle to 1/5 throttle
Installing LED's in stock taillight
Uber Fender Eliminator
R1 Taillight on 89-00 GS500
Speedo/Tach light replacement
Better handlebar grips
Installing Buell turn signals - Rear
Installing Buell turn signals - Front
Flush mount rear (stock) turn signals
Installing a 2001 Ducati Monster fairing
Fix a broken oil filter cap bolt
General battery info
A Wal-Mart sealed battery?
Chain Maintenance
Installing SV650 Chainguard
Spark plug information
Installing a GSXR front end
Installing a GSXR swingarm
Installing GSXR rear passenger peg brackets
Installing an OEM Bandit 400 rear hugger
Installing a Bandit 400 rear wheel
Installing a GSXR rear wheel-simple swap
Polishing your wheels
"The Mystical Art of Tire Reading" and other tire info
General tire info for the GS #1
General tire info for the GS #2
General tire info for the GS #3 - mixing brands/types
gsJack's opinion on tires for the GS
Gearing and sprockets
Slip-on mufflers
Slip-on exhaust : using stock SV650 muffler
Installing an R6 tail
Installing GSX-R600 stock rearsets
Installing CBR600 stock rearsets
Replacing stock front pegs with CBR pegs
Replacing stock front pegs with Katana pegs
Why re-jet a stock US bike
More on re-jetting your carbs
Jetting for 2001 models
This is intended to be a gathering place of information I've come across on a couple of forums, some dedicated to the Suzuki GS500. I would like to especially thank everyone on the forum for all their encouragment, guidance and knowledge.  I found that the wealth of information there was being lost, buried and difficult to find, leading to many questions being asked again and again.  I'm hoping this site will be a compilation of those "how-to's" and general information regarding the GS, including some mods of my own. Many of the mods here I haven't done (yet?) or don't plan to do but wanted everyone to have easy access to the information. Everything here has been done by someone so it's all possible.
The mods I've done to date include
(See links to left):
-Progressive fork springs
-'95 GSXR rear shock
-Suburban-Machinery sv650 handlebars
-Bar end mirror (one only)
-'01 Ducati Monster headlight fairing
-PIAA 80/80w headlight bulb (burned out-going to sylvania brights)
-CBR rear pegs (on front)
-Fenderectomy (again)
-Buell turn signals front and rear
-Bandit 400 rear hugger
-Michelin Pilot Sport 110/70 front, 150/60 rear
-'01 GSXR 600 rear pegs and brackets
-License plate relocation
-LED taillight (R6 style, Home-made by Jeff D!)
-SV650 headlight (modern clear lens style)
-Ignition Advancer (home-made by Bob Broussard)
If you'd like to contact me try me at
pantablo AT yahoo DOT com but I don't necessarily check that daily. To get me sooner, find me at the member forum of and Private Message me.
Thanks and I hope this site is useful to you,
Pablo (pantablo)

Well, after 16 months and 9,000 blissful miles I sold the gs500 to a nice gal in San Diego. Then I bought my dream bike, a 2004 Honda cbr600rr on May 15th, 2004.

From intrepid MSF graduate to trackday junkie in less than 2 years. I can't even begin to tell you how great a learning tool the gs500 was. As a first bike it will teach you to be smooth and how to ride fast and smooth in a 'spirited' manner. When I first got onto the 600rr I was fast right away. There really is no better way to learn to ride, and ride fast, than a small bike.

The new 2004 cbr600rr
Yes, I've since gotten rid of that fender!

My first trackday, 10/26/04
Turn 4 - Willow Springs International Raceway (Big Track)

This is where it all started. Bought my 2001 GS500 used on November 2, 2002 with only 425mi

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