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These pegs and brackets update the look of the bike.


New pegs and brackets (L) compared to stock (R)
Looks wider too.

Here is all the necessary stuff-pegs and brackets from '01 GSXR600, aftermarket exhaust hanger bracket from Two Bros. Racing (part number forthcoming), assorted stainless steel nuts and bolts, zip ties.
Why do this you ask? Well, if you've bent your brackets in a crash this is a great way to replace them. If you haven't and you're obsessed with the look of the bike like I am and were also inspired by the SV650 rear peg "how-to" by John Callahan at then there you go.
The basic How-To :
1) Remove seat, grab rail and rear body panels.
2) Remove inner fender (and turn signals, taillight as necessary).
3) Cover bike to protect from metal dust.
4) Using an angle grinder cut off both rear peg brackets. Once removed grind subframe down smooth. you may have to cut off a zip tie holding some wiring and the bungee tiedown bracket will have to be unbolted and moved out of the way, both on left side. You'll also need to unbolt voltage rectifier on right and move out of the way -no need to unplug anything though.
5) Take gsxr pegs/bracket and clamp them to back/inside of subframe where they'll go. Mark a line on the bracket with pencil  along bottom subframe rail.  Use this line to grind to.  Grind away front face of mounting point on bracket till you get to flat area bolts rest against (you are removing raised lip). if you ground away material to line you drew you'll get the brackets to sit snug against the subframe rail.
6) Clamp gsxr bracket to outside of subframe approximately where old ones were. Measure location from same fixed point each side to insure peg location is same both sides. Very important you get them in same place as stock pegs you cut off -inner fender has cutout for where the stock brackets go and if you install new ones same place they'll look completely OEM against the fender.
7) Mark, centerpunch and drill holes for mounting bolts. I drilled 5/16" diameter holes for bolts same size as ones that came with the gsxr pegs. Make sure you drill straight and horizontal through both sides of subframe and drill a pilot hole first.
8) Clean area with denatured alchohol, mask off and paint portion of subframe silver to match frame color. You'll have to experiment to find the right silver but most is covered with rear body panels anyway. You can also order the matching silver from (Color-Rite code 13L, for Suzuki MA4033- Bright Silver).
9) Mount new brackets with stainless steel allen head bolts and locking nuts to inside of subframe. You will have to buy new bolts and locking nuts to replace the too short stock GSXR ones.
10) Reinstall inner fender. I trimmed the leading edge off mine since I
had it off. I do n't need this extended fender part since I have a hugger -see photo of left side-completely unrelated to pegs. This would protect the battery/CA emissions equipement.
11) Reinstall body panels and rest of stuff.
12) Make and mount bent 1/8" thick aluminum bracket for exhaust using the Two Bros. exhaust strap (for 4" end can-part number forthcoming when I get right one delivered). You'll need about 4"-6" of stock and drill holes at both ends. Round ends to match brackets. You might have to remove exhaust in order to cut away welded stock tabs-or you might manage to remove while on the bike. Either way you should remove it for a cleaner look. Make sure you have about 1/8" clearance from exhaust to swingarm. Check before and after you tighten everything up.
13) Step back and look at how sexy these curving pieces look.
[I have had to temporarily install an exhaust bracket until I make a correct diameter strap. I used 1"x1"x1/8" aluminum angle-see photo of right side]
Owners of 1989-2000 models with different rear body panels can also do this but the rear panels sit 1" lower at peg bracket location so they'll sit against the bracket and bulge out some.


Temporary exhaust bracket shown

Final brackets made to these specifications

These pegs and brackets are easily obtainable through the classified section of since these are taken off for race-only bikes as "race take-offs". Can be had for anywhere from $30-$60 for the pair.  They sell for about the same on ebay.

'01 GSXR rear pegs and brackets

Special thanks to my buddy Joseph Sulse for providing all the necessary tools and invaluable fabrication wisdom. Couldn't have been done without him.
Extra Special thanks to John Callahan, creator of the site for inspiring me to do this by pioneering replacement peg/bracket job with his SV650 peg install how-to page,