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Move license to accentuate the bikes lines.

Barely visible license [note stickers removed and grab rail painted to match]

A simple bracket is all that's necessary to move the license plate giving the rear end a sportier look. Notice the angle of the plate (barely visible from side) mirrors the angle of the grab bar.
In order to do this you'll need to do several things.
1) You'll have to have a sheet metal bracket made. Mine was 16ga steel, 6 1/4" wide and 2" tall. Drill 4 holes, 2 down near the very bottom edge for license and 2 about 1/2" down from top and 3"-5" apart (these can be anywhere and exact location isn't really important). This can be made by any sheet metal fabricator or you can do it yourself.
2) Remove the tool kit for now. You are going to install the bracket on the front lower face of where the tool kit rests. Drill 2 holes in the inner fender into the area of the tool kit. Use the 2 nuts and bolts holding the stock license bracket in place here.
3) In order to get the taillight to light up the plate you need to do a serious fenderectomy. Cut off the rear fender up to the body. You end up leaving the tool kit area as the exposed rear face, and the two rear screw holding the inner fender in place are concealed just inside the rear bodywork (on 2001 model, older models need to verify this).
4) Attach license place to bracket. If you made the bracket 2" tall the bracket will slide inside the fender snug to the top and sides and leave just enough to mount the license tight to the upper bodywork, exposing no bracket from rear view. You can make a taller bracket if you want the plate lower. As it is now the light gets cut off just above the letters.
Check your state's laws governing license plate mounting and lighting. 

View of underside showing bracket

Another view of the new location

Thank you Mr. Dremel.