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Slip-on exhaust : using stock SV650 muffler
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Fitting a much better looking exhaust muffler without resorting to aftermarket parts.

SV650 exhaust muffler on stock GS pipe

Lee McDonald from Australia submits this:
Fitting the stock SV exhaust muffler on stock GS pipes was a simple cut and weld job. Had to cut the GS pipe about two inches up towards the can from the bend. The SV muffler pipe was cut about two inches from the muffler itself. In the SV pipe there was another pipe in it. I just grinded off the two welds from the inside and remove this secondary pipe. I cut two lines of about 15mm long into the Sv pipe so I could clamp it onto the GS pipe since it is about 4mm smaller in diameter.
Then I just removed the battery, slid on the SV can over the GS pipe and tack welded it on. Then removed the whole system and welded it properly, then painted.

Performance wise I would have to say it gave it a better mid and top range, guessing maybe 2 or 3 hp. The bottom end from 1000 to about 3000 rpm is a bit more sluggish I think. An ignition advancer or rejetting might fix that.

Sound-wise it is probably a few decibels louder.  Certainly not a barky exhaust and the cops will not pick on people about it. Worth doing if people have a welder and can get a SV exhaust for free. Since the SV exhaust has to be cut to fit performance ones on there should be an abundance of free ones to be found.
These can be found on ebay and in the classified forum of .

Muffler in background viewed from left side

Special thanks to Lee Mcdonald (2Twin) from for submitting this mod.