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Get a quicker throttle by switching from 1/4 turn to 1/5 turn
If you find that your wrists aren't as flexible as you'd like then the standard 1/4 turn throttle might be a bit of a pain when going from closed to full open throttle; or maybe you just want quicker throttle response. Either way, there is a conversion you can do to make the stock 1/4 turn throttle a 1/5 turn throttle.
A 1/5 throttle adapter for a SV650 can be obtained from It does not directly fit the GS throttle body.  You can get a SV throttle tube (from the local Suzuki shop, or various other sources) and, installed with the 1/5 adapter, fits the GS perfectly. All you have to do is readjust the throttle cable.

It's an expensive conversion, though, $30 for the SV throttle tube and ~$30 (delivered) for BRG's 1/5 turn adapter.  

It's nice if you like/need a quicker throttle.

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