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Srinath found a battery for the GS at half the cost of a Yuasa
The battery...An ES12BS sealed Wal-Mart battery will fit in the bike if dropped in into the stock battery box sideways. OK, so what you need to do is take off the body panels, take out the zip ties that hold the wiring and get the negative wire free to go through the hole in the battery box front side bottom. The rest pretty much drops into place. The negative wire gets bolted to the terminal on the battery and the battery drops in negative terminal down and to the right.  Put some crumpled paper in the bottom of the battery box before dropping the battery in so the positive will stand higher than the frame rail so you can get a screw driver on that bolt. Once its bolted in take the paper out and the battery drops into place. Stock battery box, no need to take off the airbox or anything; fits fine and works fine. One word of caution though. 
If the red rubber cap over the positive terminal is missing you may want to get that replaced with a good one before doing this because if the battery slides sideways a little (no real reason it should but still safe is better than sorry) you may hit the positive terminal to the frame. To prevent it further you could stuff a swatch of cardboard into the battery box to keep it off the frame. I also had to flatten the bend in the positive terminal wire and the flanges got spread a little when it got tightened on the battery.

Once again, thanks Srinath for providing valuable information to GS owners worldwide.