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Enough people have overtightened them, if you're one of them read on...

The stud unscrews from the case just like a bolt.
If there is enough thread left on the stud, you can take 2 nuts and put them on the end. Then tighten the nuts against each other and use a wrench on the bottom nut to remove the stud.

Next option is use vise grips on the stud that sticks out of the case.
You can take a vice grip and unscrew the broken stud. Then get a 6mm X 1.00 bolt to replace that stud. You can also replace the stud with same to match.

If necessary you can also try cutting a slot in the end with a hacksaw and use a screwdriver to remove stud and replace with bolt as above.

If it is broken off too far down for any of these options, then you will need to drill a hole in the stud. Then use an EZ-out. You can get one at any automotive or hardware store.  The studs are not hardened steel, so they can be drilled. Use a center punch to mark the center. Then the drill won't wander off to the side.