Pablo's gs500 page
R1 taillight install on 89-00 gs500
Clear Taillight Lens for 01-03 Models
My Local Canyons
What's it worth?
Progressive fork spring install-the lazy way
Rear shock swap information
More rear shock info-SV650 install
Suspension tuning 101
Installing Suburban-Machinery SV650 handlebars
Install an SV650 headlight
Converting standard 1/4 throttle to 1/5 throttle
Installing LED's in stock taillight
Uber Fender Eliminator
R1 Taillight on 89-00 GS500
Speedo/Tach light replacement
Better handlebar grips
Installing Buell turn signals - Rear
Installing Buell turn signals - Front
Flush mount rear (stock) turn signals
Installing a 2001 Ducati Monster fairing
Fix a broken oil filter cap bolt
General battery info
A Wal-Mart sealed battery?
Chain Maintenance
Installing SV650 Chainguard
Spark plug information
Installing a GSXR front end
Installing a GSXR swingarm
Installing GSXR rear passenger peg brackets
Installing an OEM Bandit 400 rear hugger
Installing a Bandit 400 rear wheel
Installing a GSXR rear wheel-simple swap
Polishing your wheels
"The Mystical Art of Tire Reading" and other tire info
General tire info for the GS #1
General tire info for the GS #2
General tire info for the GS #3 - mixing brands/types
gsJack's opinion on tires for the GS
Gearing and sprockets
Slip-on mufflers
Slip-on exhaust : using stock SV650 muffler
Installing an R6 tail
Installing GSX-R600 stock rearsets
Installing CBR600 stock rearsets
Replacing stock front pegs with CBR pegs
Replacing stock front pegs with Katana pegs
Why re-jet a stock US bike
More on re-jetting your carbs
Jetting for 2001 models
Tires: (check their classifieds for used GSXR parts)

Bandit Alley (bandit 250/400/600/1200 forum) main page

Suburban-Machinery handlebars

Joris De Kok's

John Brock's personal site

Leveller's gs500 UK based site

Martyn's Tyre Opinions

Cycle World Quick Ride GS500 Review-July 2001

Motorcyclist April '94-Compares Kawasaki EX500 to Suzuki GS500

Plain Jim's excellent site for beginners

Performance/Sport Riding in Groups

Drop your bike? Here's how to lift it safely

FAQ's about Suzuki GS twins

Factory Pro CV Carb Tuning Instructions

PDF of DynoJet Stage 1&3 installation instructions

Wanna know the wind chill your experiencing?

Vance and Hines Full Exhaust for GS500