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Pablo's gs500 page


What's it worth?
Progressive fork spring install-the lazy way
Rear shock swap information
General battery info
Installing GSXR rear passenger peg brackets
Installing an OEM Bandit 400 rear hugger
Installing a Bandit 400 rear wheel
"The Mystical Art of Tire Reading" and other tire info
General tire info for the GS #1
General tire info for the GS #2
gsJack's opinion on tires for the GS
Installing a GSXR swingarm
Fix a broken oil filter cap bolt
Installing a GSXR front end
Gearing and sprockets
Slip-on mufflers
Installing an R6 tail
Installing a 2001 Ducati Monster fairing
Chain Maintenance
Inexpensive rearsets
Replacing stock front pegs with CBR pegs
Replacing stock front pegs with Katana pegs
Why re-jet a stock US bike
More on re-jetting your carbs
Better handlebar grips